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About Us

Minleki Spirit Traders.
The Spirit Connectors.

Minleki Spirit Traders, a division of the Minle Group Corporation established in 2007, strives to connect sources to supply chains and serve as active facilitators between distilleries and brands, ensuring the best range, price, and reach for all parties. Our expertise lies in first-to-market brand launches, and we have active agencies across the globe, including Australia, New Zealand, China, India, and Europe.

As active facilitators, Minleki (MST) plays an integral role in unifying new brand engagements to the market. We encourage partnerships with national distributors that play an essential role in key on-premise placements to support key national retail groups within each region. Our commitment is to our suppliers, and we integrate with our wholesale brand partners to drive brand sales and awareness in record time. We understand the importance of a great mix of multi-channelling to achieve this, and we co-create brands with our suppliers to be in line with trend, salability, and scalability.

Our team consists of specialists ranging from operations, IT, imports/exports team, administrations, distributors, and agents, who are all part of our network group family tree of Minle Group. Both our Directors, Nikki Knights and Giuseppe Minissale, are experts in the wholesale liquor industry with over 60 years of combined experience. For more information about them, please visit their LinkedIn profiles.


Both Directors Nikki Knights and Giuseppe Minissale of Minleki Spirit Traders are experts in their fields and between them have over 60 years of experience in the wholesale liquor industry. We have a full team of specialists working with us ranging from Operations, IT, Imports/Exports Team, Administrations. Distributors and Agents that are apart of our network group family tree of Minle Group.


More information on our Directors can be found on the Linkedin social links.

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